Our Mission

In an era of unparalleled commercialization, the music industry has become increasingly more corporatized, which has resulted in a strict departure from music's true purpose - to inspire!

With almost all creative output (or lack thereof) being controlled by a few mega corporations holding all the power, and prioritizing profit over passion, the small artist has seemingly been forgotten, and thus so have our values of creativity and originality.

Here at Rhythm and Beat, we believe in returning to our musical roots by empowering the small artist - a select group of passionate individuals who bravely blaze new trails and challenge the intrinsic stagnancy of the status quo, for they are the true source of our inspiration.

With your help, we can continue to raise awareness and funding for small artists around the world yearning for their voices to be heard, and fundamentally redefine the music industry one shirt at a time.

So, what do you say? Are you with us? Do you believe in this cause as wholeheartedly as we do? If so, let's get to work!

- R&B