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    Pastel DJ T-Shirt
    Marvin Flores

    Pastel DJ T-Shirt

    Nice Tshirts

    I've ordered tshirts from Rhythm and Beats several times. Receive many compliments whenever I wear one.

    Vitruvian Rocker T-Shirt
    Ildefonso Ombrog
    Great Design. Better Fabric.

    The new cotton T-Shirts are better than the ones from last year, softer, more comfortable, and feels cooler. I expressed my concerns last year, it’s good to know you guys listen. Thank you.



    Cat Guitar T-Shirt
    Michsel D Ray

    Get lots of compliments when I wear it.

    LOVE T-Shirt
    Joann Rempe
    Awesome!! Love the graphics.

    Love theses tee shirts, just wish they come in V neck and an option for long sleeve.

    Slappin The Bass T-Shirt
    Sravan Pasikanti
    Kool T shirts every one asks where did get this

    I wish the there were 2 sub categories for every T shirt a bit short hands and regular. Some of the T shirts don’t look great due to hand being regular it’s just my personal preference otherwise most of the T-shirt’s come with shirt hands this inconsistency bothers me a bit as surprise until T delivered. Otherwise T shirts are amazing at work out all friends relative everyone asks me and I came to uk and got 30 T shirts and have to my brother and nephew.

    Thought the x-large was a little on the small side…

    Great ads. Mediocre t-shirts.

    The product is clothing and this clothing is average to poor. The t-shirts used for the designs is obviously the cheapest mass produced t-shirt the vendor could buy. Too bad since the designs are interesting…but put a good design on a bad shirt you’re still selling crap.

    חולצות עם הדפסים מקוריים

    סך הכל רושם חיובי. דרוש קיצור זמן משלוח ובהירות רבה יותר בעדכונים לגביו.

    Love it!

    Great fit, great material and cool design!

    Order was INCOMPLETE & They have NO RETURN POLICY

    Ordered 3 shirts only received 2. After multiple email requests, finally received the 3rd shirt but size was incorrect. After multiple requests for return/exchange policy, I was emailed that there is NO RETURN POLICY.
    This is 2022, and no Customer Service…they lost my business!

    Melting Vinyl T-Shirt
    Michael Appling
    Melting vinyl shirt

    I initially ordered the wrong size.
    I reordered the correct size and sent the small shirt back.
    Waiting on a credit for the returned shirt.


    I ordered two of the navy shirts. One was heathered blue and very soft and the other was dark navy and was much less soft. I will be proudly and comfortably wearing the heathered version while the other one will probably grow old in my drawer. The shipping was very timely.

    Great shirt

    Love the shirt and I have gotten many comments while wearing it!!

    LOVE T-Shirt
    Janet Brooks

    LOVE T-Shirt


    Love this shirt! Perfect match to a pair of leggings that I have. Has become my favorite outfit!

    Great designs - terrible print quality

    Loved the design and was really looking forward to receiving my “easily distracted” tshirt but the printing process used was plastisol which is a thick, uncomfortable layer on the fabric surface. Disappointed.

    Nice quality and soft

    The best T-shirts I have ever had

    These are all great T-shirts, fix great and are of good quality.


    My son will love it

    Vitruvian Rocker T-Shirt

    Great shirt!

    Dinosaur Guitar T-Shirt